You got a problem?

Sure! Everyone does. At least that's what we think. But ask ten people for definition of problem, and you'll get quite different answers. Do you believe it's a situation when you have no idea what to do? Actually... it's much worse!

Listening to many people talking about their lives, I feel that they define it as 'any question or matter involving doubt, uncertainty, or difficulty'. WOW! With such wide perspective every time we're uncertain of something, it's a problem! No wonder so many people think they're doomed!

Glad to say, not everyone is like that. We can divide people into four main groups:

Guess who will say that has no problems or at least just few? Yes, the last group. They usually use that word only to describe a challenge or something, that they don't have a solution for... YET! What other people would call trouble, is a situation to check if they can do it. Kind of play even.

Change of perspective?

Of course there are other definitions. My favourite is 'an obstacle, impediment, difficulty or challenge, or any situation that invites resolution'. It sound much better. First of all it uses words that can be much positive. How? Obstacles can be cleared. Impediment can be taken care of. Difficulty is gradable and challenge? We are used to that! It's an everyday part of our lives. We deal with it at work and at home. Those all words suggest, that there IS a way to solve it! And the best part of that is in the end. It 'invites resolution'. What a positive phrase!

I encourage you to choose the opposite way then people around. Don't use that P word too often. Use it only if really necessary. We have enough of people moaning around, so become a counterbalance to them! Next time what you'll hear 'We have a problem' grin and answer cheerfully 'Great! Let's take care of it!' and see the face of the other person freeze in surprise. It's a great way to shake some stress off the person. And with both of you less tense - it's much easier to concentrate on finding the best solution.

Get your head up and facing situation smirk and say 'OK world, show me what you have!'

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