When universe calls


About a week ago it came to me, that it's about half year since 40 days lent that I took to loose some weight. So I stepped on a bathroom scale and saw that about 3 kg stealthily came back. Not good. Lent was a success, even a bit more then expected because I lost about 10kg. Gaining 3 kg back is nothing scary, but still... I wouldn't like to get through 1000kcal diet and 1,5h of exercises for another 40 days.

So I figured out that some weight training would be a nice change. I already did some karate trainings, played volleyball, jogged etc. but gym? Naa... not for me. I prefer to workout alone, so I gave my subconscious mind a task of finding me some dumb-bells. It started with catching my attention to sport section in shopping center, but after checking prices I resigned. Definitely to high, yet they had a wide choice of equipment.

Second shot: the Net. I checked few sport shops and auction websites, but nothing in my or nearest cities and with the price of shipping it would be same as in shopping center. Better but still not quite what I wanted. So I instructed my subconsciousness with more specific request. "Cheap but safe dumb-bells that are just right for me or better". Wasn't sure in what way they could be better, but still it's a standard formula when creating affirmations, so I added that and after setting right attitude I started to work on that several times daily.

Until third day nothing happen, but then I just felt assured. It was that funny feeling of "everything is just like it should be", so I took care of other things and in the evening I came to bed as always. But it was not as always. I couldn't sleep.

It's rather uncommon for me, as I usually fall in minutes. This time just couldn't, like a switch in my head was locked on "Awake". It was pleasantly warm and quiet, I was not hungry, no blinking lights (I turn my router off when going to bed), no big worries... so I just toss and turned myself for about an hour before making a decision to ask my advisors for details.

3-3-3... 2-2-2... 1-1-1... I came to laboratory and saw my both counselors watching an aquarium with something that looked like fishes... at least from far away. When I got closer they suddenly fall to the bottom of the tank. I looked at them and I saw that they were not fishes. They were fish-shaped mini dumbells!

I jumped out of bed

and turned my laptop on. Quick browsing through latest auctions and.. Voila! Dumbbells with total weight of 30kg at a decent price in Katowice - just 25km from me! So I bought them and came back to bed, waiting for email from the seller. And it came. Best time to get them from him was... what? Sunday morning? Come on! Murmuring silently I agreed and next day I woke up early to get it. It was -15 degrees Celsius, 15 minutes walk to a bus stop, an hour in a bus, then another 15 minutes in Katowice. Call me sissy, but it was freezing. But I came anyway, took my weights, dismantled them and packed my backpack.

It was a bit heavier than I expected. I haven't anticipated, that after half year or no real training my strength will go down as much. Also my bradycardia and partly cured asthma were not helpful. Step by step I went down the street on an icy sidewalk to the bus, and believe me - it took more then 15 minutes this time. Not only because the weight and ice but also belts on my backpack were squeaking ominously and the last thing I wanted was to carry it all in hands.

When I landed again in Zabrze it showed up the bus was late 10 minutes so the one that was to take me home already left and next was in about 30 minutes. I was to take another walk with it all on icy sidewalk or wait for 50 minutes on a bus stop. Weather was better then in the morning and temperature went higher so I decided to go by foot.

Well, it was quite a morning, but now, when I sit in a warm room with a cup of tea I feel great. I feel my hips and back, but they will be ok in the morning and I got what I wanted. It actually is better (more) that I need for now, it will be used probably for whole next year. And you know what? It looks like it's true that when you really want something - universe does it's best to help you, so when it calls... ANSWER!

That's your part - to be aware of unusual things happening around you and when they show up - to grab it and complete the deal. So was and will be mine every next time synchronicity will be closing fast. But for now I think I deserve a big coffee with something sweet to it. Have a nice day ;)

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