Who's at the wheel?


Imagine your life as a road trip. Pick a car in your mind, pack what's important to it, get a belief of how great it will be to go to your favorite place in a sunny afternoon like this one. Turn the key, feel the motor rumble and see your car gliding smoothly in... the other direction.

I can almost see a 'What the...' forming in your mouth. Like most of us you do your best to make the trip of your life to be nice, smooth and enjoyable and still you end up at a grunge bar in the end of a bumpy road that leads right to the middle of nowhere. If you're lucky that is.

I'm glad to say there is a way to make that trip to be ok. (I know, corny.) Let's make a quick exercise. Close your eyes (after you'll finish reading this paragraph of course ;) and imagine again. Set your destination, your car or bike favorite brand, its color, size, kind of upholstery, weather, what road you'll go on, how fast you'll go, what will you wear, how the wind will blow, how the sun will shine, how the music from the radio will make you up and hold that image until you'll feel that it really came to you and filled you with excitement.

Now, throw it away. It's secondary. It's just the details. It's almost unimportant when it comes to answering the one question that follows. 'Were you the driver?'

I hope the answer was 'Yes'. The trip of your life is having a place. Right here and right now. This day is another kilometer on it. One of many, sure. But are you driving the right way? And - what's more important - are you the driver even?

Take a moment to look around you. Look at this day, the thing you were doing before reading this article and answer yourself 'Was I doing something important TO ME?'. Were you? Because if not, then somebody else is at the wheel. And you go not where you, but where someone else wants. Probably missing a lot of fun and excitement.

So, whose driving? Think of a human (or a few of them) that have the most impact on your choices. Is it your boss yelling? Your spouse demanding? Your kids expecting new toys? Your friends by calling you a chicken? Your ...........? (feel in the blank).

Don't get me wrong - their needs may be justified and important, but they should not be only thing that you do in life. You're not less human then they are and your needs should also be taken into consideration. Right?

Get a nice cup of your favorite beverage, sit comfortable, take a sip and think for a while. Think of last week. How many things have you done that mattered to You? They could be important for other people too of course, but count only things that were a part of Your goals and remembering them makes your mood go up a bit.

Not many? Then let's choose another period. A month maybe? What in the last 30 days was important and made you feel good about yourself and your life? Four times longer period, it should be easier. Is it?

I hope you can think of several things, but if still just few came in your mind then try a larger period. A year. Recall yourself from a year ago. Where were you living? What was your general mood? Your financial situation? How your family was doing? What was your occupation? Did you like it? How was your friends? Your health? Your hobby? What were you doing in your free time? Did you had any?

Compare it with your present situation. Repeat the same questions as stated above and add any other that will pop in your mind. Is your overall situation better? I hope it is.

A year period has an advantage. It's long enough to make a straight line between then and now and to extend it into the future. That's where you're going. Do you like what you see there? Because if not, then you better turn off, stop, take a map and choose a different destination. A place right for you. A place you want to wake up at, tomorrow morning.

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