Who is your personal hero?


When was the last time you've heard someone's talking about his or hers personal hero? Someone to take example of? We don't speak about it because it seems not to be 'trendy' enough. We are expected to be able to do everything, so talking about someone that's better then we looks almost like admiting to being a failure. So we don't seek for them. We seek not for something greater but tired by everyday struggle most of us prefer to just lay back and take a rest. Well, it's a way to get trough the life too, but... are you satisfied with just that?

I've heard lately in a TV show a discussion about young people and drugs. One of arguments was that kids have no positive heroes today to keep them away from bad influence. Funniest thing was that parents in that show were speaking in a way of 'someone should do something'. Not even one of them told 'I can do this' or asked 'OK, so what WE can do?'. No one even tried. I think that they wouldn't even start to try to be someone's hero. After all - why would they? It's so much easier to blame someone else for not being!

I've watched whole program waiting to see their reaction when someone from audience will ask 'Who's YOUR personal hero?'. No one did. Sorry to hear it, because I think I know what would happen. Most of them would sulk and said things like 'Me? I'm Adult! I don't need a hero!' or 'We talk about kids now, not us' or (my personal favourite) 'It's not your concern!' Yup, everyone wants a hero, just no one wants to be one!

It's like a fairytale

Parents are like those fairy princesses. They sit next to a window, and wait for a prince on a white horse that will solve their problem and they will be happily ever after with their now good and obedient teenagers. The End. Of dream, let's get back to reality. Humans - not only teenagers, but ALL humans - are learning mostly in one way. By personal example. We can yell 'clean your room!' to young people again and again for a decade, but until they'll be used to see a sparkly cleaned house everyday, they won't lift a finger. And to be honest... is that so strange? What do you think, when your boss wants something?

Our kids have someone to follow, just not necessarily us. It's most likely someone we never heard about. Controversial game character, with a background that would last for whole platoon per example. There's not much we can do instantly, but in a matter of months we are able to change it a bit. But to do so, we have to know, what's that specific thing our kids are after. They have their reasons. They are younger HUMAN so they think like all human do. Including us.

As long we won't follow our heroes – they won't have them

Who do you admire?

Everyone admires someone, just not everyone will tell you. Especially guys seem to streach that 'I'm best so I follow no one!' attitude much too far. What's funny is that it doesn't even have to be one person. Just like you may have a few goals you may also have a few heroes. One for every thing you struggle with per example. It's a great thing because it makes impossible to have that common 'It can't be done' attitude. It shows clearly how much we were limited by a stupid belief. We can do much more then we think, and the proof is right there. If that person can - I can.

My personal hero is Nick Vujicic. Guy has no arms nor legs, yet he finished univercity with double major in Accounting and Financial Planning and now he's traveling around the world working as a motivational speaker. He also has YouTube channel so if you want to know more about him - check it! I may not agree with all what he belives, as he's a bit too religiuos for me, yet the determination this guy must had to become what he is today. WOW! He's a great motivation to keep going on, no matter what happens. When I don't want to get up in tyhe morning because it's cold or I'm just to lazy or when I feel like 'that's to much, I can't do that!' or with any situation in between - I just need to see that bearded smile and I know, that he's has more beard on the inside inside that I'll ever be able to grow.

Find your personal Hero. It helps to make what you want way easier.

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